Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23, 2011 - Kwaheri Kyuna (Moving Part 8)

As I have recently blogged about, saying goodbye to Grace's little school - Kyuna Kindergarten - was one of the harder things for me to do as we left Nairobi.  So I started going there regularly during the school morning to take pictures of Grace doing some of their different activities.

I already blogged about Mondays when they would do horse riding at school.

I went to school last Tuesday, when Grace's class has both a "musical instruments" lesson with Miss Joy and swimming lesson.  Sadly, Grace refused to swim because the water was too cold.  But, as they say in Kenya, she tried.  And at least she had fun during the musical instruments before the swim.

I also visited on a Wednesday, when she had a "physical education" lesson with Mr. Cooper.  

Sadly I did not make it to school on a Thursday for "music & movement" with Mrs. Ichihashi (the headmistress) or Friday for her weekly visit to the library...but I know these are routines she will miss in the coming weeks.  

This past Friday, our last day in Kenya, I brought in snack to Grace's class for a goodbye party.  It was really just a chat with her class about how Grace would be moving and an opportunity for her to give everyone in her class a "thank you for being my friend" card.  She also brought cards and flowers to her teachers and assistants from last year and the office staff.  I just wanted to make sure she had some proper closure on her first school.  She seemed fine, but I was a weepy mess!  I will make a photo album for Grace will pictures of all these activities and one photo of each child in her class that I took last week.  On the eve of Thanksgiving, I am extremely thankful that Grace spent one year at such a wonderful preschool.  
~ with Mrs. Wanyaga ~
~ with Miss Alice and Miss Carol ~
~ her class waiting patiently for their yummy cinnamon rolls ~
~ with Mrs. Ichihashi ~

Kyuna, you will be missed!

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