Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011 - Packing Up (Moving Part 6)

Thursday and Friday were jam-packed, stressful, intense days, but I think everything went as smoothly as it all could have gone.  The moving company was efficient and we were pretty happy with them; they had 85% of the house packed and loaded into the truck by the end of Thursday.  Rose was on Noah duty, I was on Grace duty and was the Logistics OIC (officer in charge), Kristoffer was on work duty, Charles was on run-errands-as-Madame-requests duty and make-sure-the-movers-don't-steal-anything duty (he really liked that power of that last job).  

We were really impressed with Grace because we expected some kind of total meltdown when she saw the house packed up, but it didn't come.  I had told her that there would be many people at home when she came back from school to help her pack up the house.  When we got home later she kept saying, "There are so many people here to pack up!"  She was inspecting what they were doing and even told them, "Don't forget my mattress!" She loved watching them carry all the boxes up the big hill to load the big truck. They left all of our beds unpacked for Thursday night and Grace slept great in her own bed, despite having a complete empty room otherwise.  Wesat amidst boxes and luggage on Thursday and ate pizza for dinner.  It was surprisingly cozy!

Friday was also a bit crazy because in addition to the movers finishing up we had Grace's goodbye party at school, Kristoffer's goodbye lunch with his office (to which I was invited and expected to attend), we had to hand over the car to the car broker, and tidy up the house.  

And then we left Kenya.  But that story is for another blog.  Here are a few scenes from our move. 



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