Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17, 2011 - A Crazy Haze (Moving Part 5)

I think this is my last blog from Nairobi because at some point in the next 24 hours we will have to pack our wireless internet router.

It is 6 am on Thursday.  I've been up since 4, when Kristoffer also woke up to go to work to get a head start on finishing up "handing over" all his projects before his last day tomorrow.  We had a late night, but made some progress related to moving: agreed to terms with a broker to sell our cars after we leave, possibly agreed with our property manager about "fixing up" the house after we go before the new tenants arrive, and some packing for the Denmark/US portion of our next adventure.  

I am beyond emotional at this point because I'm so tired.  It is just about getting everything done now and getting on that plane at midnight on Friday (that's in 42 hours, by the way)! The movers get here in 2 hours and for some reason all I can think about is making sure that Grace has finished making cards for all her friends to give them at her "goodbye snack time party" at school tomorrow morning!  Noah is pretty much permanently attached to Rose's hip during the day, for which I am very grateful because I wouldn't be able to get much done if he was permanently attached to mine.

A special thank you to a small group of American friends who took me our for coffee yesterday morning (with two brand new babies in the group as well!) and for my friend Miriam, who brought me the most delicious sandwich I've ever eaten for lunch yesterday. Those were the only moments of calm in my entire week - and I am grateful for them!  

Everything will work out.  Everything will get done.  We will soon be at Farmor's house.  And I am sure in the coming weeks as we wind down from this segment of our move, there will be lots of time for reflection on this transition in our life... but right now I just feel like I'm in a crazy haze!

I can hear Grace singing in her bed right now, which means it's time to go and officially start our day. Wish us luck!

Goodbye, Life in Nairobi! 
Kwaheri Kenya!



Valentyna said...

Lisa, I just discovered your blog! You are such a sweet family, Im sorry you are leaving.
I just found out that we are moving to Nairobi, I was looking for a moms club or some playgroup, any reconditions?
Best of luck

Anonymous said...

Ahh! So excited for your next adventure. I have a hundred questions, but the most burning is: What happens to the blog title?!

Good luck in the next 42 hours!

- Michelle S.