Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011 - Things I Will Miss (Moving Part 4)

There is a lot about Nairobi that I will not miss, namely our lack of security these days...and, the cheese counter at Nakumatt, of course.  But I've been trying to remind myself of all the things I WILL miss about Nairobi because despite some inconveniences, it has mostly been a great four years here.

In order of no importance, some of things I will miss (aside from my friends, of course!) are:
  • Grace's school, as previously mentioned
  • our house
  • the flowers - such beautiful, beautiful flowers!
  • our house
  • the garden cafes and general ease of being outside
  • our house
  • the weather
  • the cheap local fruit 
  • our house
  • Dr. Nesbitt, Grace & Noah's pediatrician.  I've said goodbye to his office no fewer than 4 times over the last few weeks, but then I keep popping in to have them look at something.  Yesterday I took Noah to have his skin checked because I thought he had ring-worm (turns out just weird looking eczema) and I did finally say an official we're-not-coming-back-before-we-leave-on-Friday-I-pray goodbye.  When you live in a country with various unfamiliar and/or contagious diseases, you REALLY want to trust your child's doctor.  And we do.  Completely.  Through Grace's weight issues and Noah's hospitalizations, he's just been great. He knows us. He knows them.  I will really miss him, his nurse, his receptionist.  The whole lot of them.  
  • our house
  • local shopping at some of the places I've written about on the "Best of Nairobi" part of this blog
  • our house
  • not being new:  it is HARD to be new!  And I felt "new" here for such a long time (ok, occasionally still), but when you've been in the expat community of Nairobi for four years, you are actually "OLD"!  I recently learned that some of my friends think of me as the one who knows where to go and what to do, which I can assure you is not how I think of myself!  This came as a surprise to me, but then I thought of it and I do often have advice or contacts for "newER" people because I've lived here for so long now.  We know short cuts to take, when to avoid traffic hot spots, where to get X, Y, Z, etc.  We are simply not new!  It's a very strange phenomenon to not be new, but to still (always) be foreign in a place I think.  And while excited for our next adventure, I don't look forward to being completely and totally clueless again.
and, last but not least...


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