Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 12, 2011 - Saying Goodbye (Moving Part 1)

A few weeks shy of our fourth anniversary of living in Kenya, we're moving!  

I'll talk more about the details of our next stop in another blog because right now we are processing the reality of our upcoming departure on Friday night.  Four years is not a small amount of time.  It's the amount of time I was at Syracuse, the amount of time I was a teacher in New York City, the amount of time we've lived here.  Nairobi - for all it's good and all it's bad - has really become our home; our children were born here; we've become a family here.  Even though we are quite happy to be moving, it is also sad in many ways to be leaving this place.

We've known we were moving for about 3 weeks and in that time we've been REALLY busy!  Grace's way of dealing with the move has been really interesting and warrants a blog of its own; obviously Noah is unaware.  I've been dealing with all things related to getting out of Nairobi and Kristoffer has been dealing with all things related to finishing work at WFP.  

Today was a very special day in our process.  We hosted a small party at one of our favorite garden restaurants so that we could properly say goodbye and "thank you!" to all of our Nairobi friends.  While not everyone could make it (you know, it's always tough to get everyone!), those who were able to join us were really the people who have been most important in our life here.  Grace may or may not have thought it was her birthday because there was a bouncy castle and face painting (and in Nairobi, bouncy castle = birthday party!).  Rose and Charles came too and had a wonderful time.  

The food was good. The drinks were good.  The chocolate cake was REALLY good.

But the friends...our friends...were the best.

In the last 3 weeks it occurred to me that the people who are most important to us at home will likely never meet the people who are most important to us here.  And that's weird!  But, for those of you at home reading, I'd like to introduce you to the people who have helped make our four years in Nairobi memorable and special.   And for those of you here in Nairobi reading, please know that you will definitely be missed and will definitely not be forgotten.



Malene said...

Likewise Lisa, Kristoffer, Gracie and Noah. Thanks for hosting a nice get-together. For sure you'll be missed!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are escaping danger. Friends honored Donald Schupak Wednesday night.