Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6, 2011 - Learning about Hunger

Just read this great article about an episode of Sesame Street (airs in the US on October 9th on PBS) that teaches - or makes a great attempt, at least - about child hunger (thanks for sharing the article, Karen Dahl). While the issue is complex, the article praises Sesame Street for calling attention to it because it is a difficult one to talk about with young children.  I know it is a topic that I am increasingly trying to broach with Grace, within her realm of understanding.  For example, when she refuses to finish her food I will say, "Grace, there are many children who don't have any dinner tonight.  We don't want to be wasteful so eat everything on your plate."  Maybe she is too young to "get it", but if I say the words often enough perhaps it will sink in.  Given that this issue is close to our lives in Kenya, particularly because of Kristoffer's work, I think it's great that Sesame Street has touched on it.  Just wish we could get it on TV here!

Maybe you can watch on our behalf?

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kdahlface said...

We will definitely watch. I've never successfully taken something from DVR to DVD but I will attempt it for this one and send it to you if I'm successful.