Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 29, 2011 - Halloween Safari

Our wonderful American friends invited us for Halloween on their compound (everyone who lives on the compound works for the US government) this afternoon, so we actually got to "trick or treat" door-to-door for real! Once Grace warmed up she was so "into it" and such a cute lion (approriately, since she was named Simba before she was born).  Noah took a little nap while Grace was raking in the (American!) candy, but was an extremely sweet giraffe for his First Halloween (just like Grace was for hers).  Trick-or-treating was followed by yummy snacks and drinks and playtime with our friends, and overall we all had such a great time.  Thanks, Wilson family, for a great Halloween!

If you could go on safari with this giraffe-boy and lion-girl everyday, I think you would!


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