Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23, 2011 - Forgetful Mama

It's not that I didn't know that Noah was 9 months old yesterday.  It's just that I sort of...forgot?  

Actually, to be more accurate I was thinking that he was born on the 26th (that's Grace!) and I even told a nice woman at church this morning who asked his age, "He'll be 9 months old in a few more days."  Or yesterday!  And so, yesterday was the 22nd and I didn't take a picture of Noah with his monthly sign, or write in his baby journal, or acknowledge his age in any way whatsoever.  I guess that's what happens to the second-born: he has a lot more bruises on his head than his sister ever did and I forgot his 3/4-year-birthday.  At least he'll have something to tell his therapist when he's older.  And, to be fair, if you've watched the news lately or read Kristoffer's previous blog, you'll know that we sort of have a lot on our minds over here right now!

But about Noah...

He is really curious and really mobile.  A dangerous combination if you ask me!  He loves to climb up the stairs now, pull himself up, and do a bit of cruising around the furniture.  He also likes to walk around holding our hands or fingers, but we think walking is another month or two away yet.   He falls down A LOT because he doesn't know his own limits and is constantly pushing them (or because I don't pay enough attention to him).  He says Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga now.  He crawls to see me with the biggest smile on his face if I enter a room where he already is.  He follows Grace around like a puppy dog.  Cries when she cries.  Doesn't understand why she hoards things that he wants to play with.  

Noah likes to have his teeth brushed, likes to be tickled, has an amazing laugh.  He is not sleeping well anymore (oh the ups and downs of this boy's sleep!) and he now has two front teeth up top to match the ones below.  He wants to feed himself but absolutely gags or chokes on anything that isn't smooth (except cheerios, which we are now out of, or small pieces of banana), so meals have become a bit of a fight to get him to be spoon fed still.  I won't even go into the story of how he swallowed a not-small-at-all toy the other night, choked on it, and then vomitted it up again...because it was insanely traumatic for me and Kristoffer.  In general, this guy is doing great AND keeping us on our toes!

Kristoffer says:  He is progressing everyday.  It is quite amazing.  Every day last week he could do something better.  It's actually unbelievable.  

Even though I didn't acknowledge it yesterday, we love this little guy so much and find it hard to believe that he is already three quarters of a year old.  Today's pictures are pretty terrible - sorry Noah!  where is my head?! - and I'm thinking of re-taking them tomorrow.  But if I'm being honest, here they are...and he is still cute, regardless of my terrible-rushed-guilty photography.  What a guy!



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