Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011 - Followers for Food

In an effort to enhance my status as a blogger, as well as the possibility of pursuing external writing opportunities in the future, I am asking something of YOU, person-reading-the-blog-right-now:

If you like Life in Nairobi enough to read it somewhat regularly, would you please be so kind as to officially become a Follower of this blog?

All you have to do is click to the right where it says Join This Site.  You need to have a Google, Twitter or Yahoo account to do it...but you have that, right?  It will give you these options:

I would appreciate it if you would publicly follow the blog - that's like telling the world: this blog is not lame and I am not ashamed to read it! - but if you would prefer to keep it to yourself, it's OK to follow us privately too.  I don't think there is any pain, cost or annoying harrassment related to being a Follower, so please do it! an extra incentive...for every new Follower the blog has by the end of September we will make a donation to WFP for famine relief in the Horn of Africa*.  So you can follow our blog AND do something good for the world.  Get to it!

Also stay tuned for some new elements coming to the blog as I try to update and improve it!

Thank you for your readership!

*there are currently 16 followers, so anything over that will add to the donation we give WFP.  We will hope to donate at least $1 per follower.

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Anonymous said...

I would follow you anywhere. Duffy