Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011 - Phases

All kids go through different phases at different times and, because they are unpredictable, it is an interesting part of parenthood to see what/when those phases are.

For instance, right now Grace is in a "spoons" phase, where she likes to carry around many different baby spoons at the same time.  She finds ways to use them in her play, gives Noah lectures on why he can't use them, and sleeps with them in her bed.  Today she brought 4 spoons with us to the store to buy more potty-training-reward-chocolate and bird seed for our feeder.  She is now taking a nap - thank God (she's been up since 5 am) - with 6 spoons.

For the last few weeks Noah is stuck in the "almost crawling" phase, which seems increasingly frustrating for him.  He can do everything except move his arms the right way and isn't happy about it.  He is also in a "who wants to sleep through the night?" phase, of which I am not particularly a fan. 

Not quite a phase, but definitely new to Noah, is sign language.  Sometime before Grace was one she had mastered about 5 or 6 signs for communicating with us (I was never committed enough to do more than that, although I think it's wonderful, and because she could talk early I didn't feel like she needed more than that). I can't remember if she could do any of them this early, but they were all done, more, water, milk, eat, thank you/tak for mad.  

We realized yesterday that Noah had started to do the sign for "milk" (usually when nursing or eating solid food).  So now I've upped my game and am trying to use all of those other signs more regularly so he can learn them sooner.  

As I said, these phases are a pretty great part of parenting and I look forward to seeing what phases come next for each of them.  Fingers crossed for a "sleeping longer than 2 1/2 hour stretches at night" phase for Noah and a "I'm no longer going to scare Mama half-to-death during the night by standing next to her bed staring at her until she wakes up" phase for Grace.


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