Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 24, 2011 - A Nairobi Birthday Party

We went to a third birthday party for one of Grace's friends and classmates today.  It was really lovely and we were happy to celebrate Jesse, who is a really nice little boy.  

There was face painting (birthday boy, Jesse, on the left).

There was a puppet show.
 (for some reason Grace wanted to stand for the puppet show!)

There was girls against boys tug of war (with a little help from some parents...).

There was a bouncy castle. 
These two shots are my favorites - even though they are blurry - because they show Grace with her "best friend" Andrew (who had a birthday party two weeks ago, but we forgot the camera!).

Grace was very well-behaved at the party and seemed much more comfortable than she has been at parties in the past.  After a somewhat challenging week with her, it was really nice to see her play and socialize and be happy.  Kristoffer captured some sweet shots when she was in the bouncy castle by herself.

There was also yummy food and cupcakes, nice friends, great weather, and lots of cute kids. It was a great afternoon!   


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