Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011 - Not Fast Enough

Many Kenyans walk to and from work, some for more than one hour each way. Pick-up trucks or other open vehicles are kind of a wild card. If Kenyans are walking and a pick up truck passes them in slow traffic, many will use the opportunity to jump in the back and get a quick, free ride home.

Today I saw two men walking while we were driving in slow traffic behind a pick-up. The two men started running for it. Five or six guys who were already sitting in the back of the truck were cheering them on. The younger of the two men managed to run up and jump in…but the other guy was maybe in this late forties…and he ran all the way until just a few feet behind the truck…but as he got closer we reached a hill and the traffic picked up….tough.  


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