Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011 - Latest

After last week's drama, I am so behind on all sorts of things that I would like to be caught up on: bills, paperwork, baby books, activity planning for mornings with Grace, blogs, emails, etc.  One of these days - hopefully before Grace is a teenager - I will get caught up.  But for now just a few of my latest notes/thoughts:
  • Noah got his first tooth on Sunday August 14th!  It seems there are more on their way because the last two nights he has been awake screaming for hours :(  I keep reminding myself not to forget how cute his baby face is without teeth, because I know once that little tooth becomes visible he will start to change into a little boy! (tear...yes...doesn't take much to get me weepy these days.)
  • At the doctor's office this morning, where both children received clean bills of health following their illnesses, we learned that Grace weighs 11 kg on the dot (that is 24.2 lbs) and is now above 5th percentile for her weight.  Again, I fought back tears, which the doctor could obviously see when he wrote me and Kristoffer a prescription for a bottle of champagne.  Of course it is Grace's victory, but I feel that we have fought hard to help her gain every gram so I am very proud of all of us and hope her success continues.  (I'm also praying that we have no repeat of the same weight issues with Noah!)
  • My mother-in-law is in New York City with her best friend, staying with our dear Bibi Jean and hopefully not being washed away by all the rain.  I am jealous of her for having two weeks in the city I love so much.  I hope she has an amazing time! 
  • We are a few weeks away from having a new niece or nephew.  Baby Phelps will be here no later than September 1st and we are really excited for his or her arrival.  While I know Christine and Kevin are in for the exhaustion that comes with a new baby, I envy them the newness of it all and the special time in a family when there is just one little baby in the house.  Their whole world is about to change.
  • Speaking of being exhausted:  I am!

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