Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011 - The Age of WHY?

As of this weekend, Grace has officially started "the Age of WHY?"  This particular phase in a toddler's life, as I understand it so far, involves lengthy and elaborate conversations during which she repeats the same word over and over (until possibly satisfied) and the other participants (so far, me, Kristoffer and Rose) are forced to dig into depths of our own knowledge or understanding of a topic that we may not actually possess.  The conversations quickly spiral into the realms of "How much do I actually tell her?", which are noted by lots of ... in the conversation below, and "Quick!  Google it!"  

"The Age of WHY" will no doubt get more interesting and perhaps frustrating as time progresses, but so far I am happy to report that I have not yet said, "Because I said so."  I figure I better save those for when I'm really desperate.

Below is a sample conversation that I actually had with Grace this morning (almost verbatim, honestly).  Grace's play castle had collapsed on Friday because the stitching had come undone in 3 places.  I brought my sewing box downstairs (thank you to Oldemor for that one!) and began my attempt to fix the castle.

Mama: Grace, I'm going to try to fix your castle.

Grace: Why?

M: Because it fell down and won't stand up anymore. (as I start doing stitching related activities...)

G: Why?

M: Because maybe it wasn't made so well and so I have to fix it.

G: Why?

M: Um...because it was probably made in China and isn't the best quality.

G: Why, Mama?

M: Um ... ... ... ... because really there are too many workers in China and they don't have unions or labor rights, so the companies can just pay the people not very much money and then your castle doesn't turn out so good.

G:  But why it doesn't turn out so good?

M: Well, because if people aren't paid very much money then they usually aren't very motivated to do a great job.  OUCH!

G: Oh, what happened, Mama?!

M: I pricked myself with the needle.

G: Why?

M: Because I'm not very domestic.

G: Why?

M: Um ... ... ... ... because in 7th grade my Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Hazard, was kind of a weird lady and maybe I didn't pay enough attention.

G: Why?

M:  Because it was more fun to talk to my friends than to make a beanbag frog.

 - - - Time lapse here of about 10 more minutes - - -
(more WHY questions from Grace with RAMBLING ANSWERS from me)

M:  Hey, Grace...look!  I finished!  I did it!  Your castle is all better!

G:  My castle! Mama!  You 'mestic now?

M: Yes! I am domestic now!

G: Thank you, Mama.  Let's hide from Rose and Noah.

(Note: After two hours of playing in the castle, it is still standing, although one of the three spots where I stitched has come undone.  I'll fix it tonight when she is sleeping to avoid further inquiries into Chinese economics or politics or population growth.)



Anonymous said...

Too funny...just wait another year or so. It gets VERY interesting ;)

Anonymous said...

This is amazing. - Michelle S.

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Duct tape