Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011 - Visitors!

Last month we had a number of visitors pass through Nairobi.

One visitor was a friend from college, Michelle.  She lived two doors down from me our freshman year at Syracuse (yeah, L-Town!) and now lives/works in NYC.  She even mentors a student at the high school where I used to teach!  She came to Kenya for work and was kind enough to bring us a lot of goodies (including NYC bagels!).  Charles was able to pick up the goods from her hotel but I wasn't able to see her before she was travelling in the country for work.  BUMMER!  Michelle, if you read this: thanks again and please come again so this time we can see you!

But even before Michelle came, there were other visitors!

First, Sam and Ben - who used to live across the street (with Jen, Mae and Tsavo) - were visiting from California.  Sam had two weeks of work here and Ben came to see his friends!  We got to hang out with them a bit and, as you can see, it was a lot of fun.  Sam was last in Nairobi the day Noah was born, but we hadn't seen Ben in a year so it was a real treat!  We still really miss having their family nearby.

Then, there were a group of ladies from my hometown of Andover, MA who came to do volunteer work at the Margaret Okari School in Kisii.  The leader of the group, Peg Campbell - who fundraises for the school back in the US - had come once before when I was pregnant with Grace and we were happy to hear she was returning with a new group.  They spent one night in Nairobi and we were able to have breakfast with them.  It turned out that the mother and sister of one of my friends from high school were in the group as well (Mike Jones' Mom, Betty Mobbs, and his sister, Penelope!).  It was so crazy, but we had a great visit with them and hear they did a lot of good work while they were at the school.  Thank you again to Peg for also bringing a box of amazon.com goodies from home.  Kristoffer enjoyed sharing some of his project development in Kenya for their reference in the work they are doing, and I think the ladies liked holding our kids while we ate breakfast too!

It is so nice when visitors come a-knockin'. As long as we are here, you are welcome!


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