Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 - Friendly Forest

Grace is really into Dora the Explorer - has been for a few months now - and Dora is always going on adventures so, of course, she has a trusty map with her at all times. Lately, we've been making Dora-style maps before we go places so that Grace can follow along.  Maps go something like: bumpy road, roundabout, Grace's school (chanted in a Dora-ish way)!  When she gives Charles or Kristoffer directions, it is very funny: "Charles, careful on the bumpy road.  Go to the roundabout now!"

Yesterday we made a map that had: flower garden, bumpy hill, Friendly Forest.  The Friendly Forest is really Karura Forest in Nairobi, which used to be a dangerous and scary place, but has been revamped by the government and private donors (I think) to become a safe and lovely natural getaway inside the city.  You have to pay to get into the forest now, which keeps out some undesirable characters, and there is armed security.  There are beautiful trails with a waterfall and some caves (we haven't seen those yet).  Yesterday we went just for a short walk in the afternoon, but plan to head there again soon (with more supplies now that we know what we're in for) for another adventure.  

For more information on the Karura Forest, click here.

My Family in the Friendly Forest

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