Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011 - High Five

I tried to take Noah's 5-month picture with him sitting up, but he kept trying to eat the sign and then he would cry when it fell down. So it turned out like this:

We had to go for a laying down shot, like when Grace was 5 months old too!, in order to get a good picture of him:

At five months old, Noah tries to sit up by himself and likes to be standing as well. He has been eating rice cereal for a few days now, each day doing a little bit better, and he is sleeping longer stretches at night finally (a couple of times up to 8 1/2 hours!). He has a cold so isn't feeling 100%, but manages to smile a lot anyway. This morning he tried to use a sippy cup for the first time, but instead of drinking the water I think he was just teething on the spout.

He must weigh somewhere around 18 or 19 lbs and seems quite tall to me. He is wearing 9-12 month size clothes almost exclusively. He continues to love things that make noise and thinks everything his sister does is pretty wonderful.

Coincidentally, I picked up Noah's American Passport and Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) today; the CRBA is proof that even though he was born abroad he was an American at birth. It will be a very important document come the day he decides to launch his campaign for President. If Americans think Obama is a questionable case, wait until they meet this Kenyan-born Danish-American!

Happy 5 months, buddy! We love you!

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Kathleen said...

First, we are friends of your parents who I have been trying to find online to reconnect with.
Tony and Kathleen Michaels. Tony and Mike graduated from LaSalle in 1966.
Most important is your family blog and how we are enjoying all about the Welsien Family. Your children are beautiful and the current 5 month pictures of Noah are adorable. Thank you for sharing.
We enjoyed your parents blog on their visit with you.
Would you be so kind to give your parents my email, we would love to hear from them
Looking forward to more of the Welsien Family adventures.