Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011 - Play Date

I haven't been blogging too much lately. Kristoffer has had a lot going on with work - very blog-worthy material, I might add - but the story has to stay under wraps for the time being. He was traveling last week so I was busy trying to sleep when the kids were sleeping: for Grace this is pretty straightforward (from approximately 1pm to 3pm and 7:30pm to 6am) but for Noah it is a little bit of anyone's guess. This is a boy who rarely cries (unless you're picking his nose - he really hates that!) and gives out smiles for free, but who still sleeps better during the day and wakes up frequently at night (not even to eat! just to be awake!). We are working up the courage to both sleep train him and start him on rice cereal, but we are torn because we still feel he is a few weeks too young for these things. If our other strategies continue to fail, though, you'll be reading about those events sooner than later.

Grace is changing everyday. Her vocabulary is just exploding in both languages and she continues to sing, sing, sing all the time (for example, I am now writing this blog to a medley of Row Row Row Your Boat, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Happy Birthday, Humpty Dumpty, Patacake, Where is Thumbkin, the Dora song and Good Life by OneRepublic). She has added dancing to her list of skills and if I ever figure out what happened to screw up our current camcorder disc, I will transfer and share her instructional dance video. When she sees Noah in the morning or after school she exclaims, "Hi buddy! Are you okay buddy?!" She still really enjoys school and seems to be getting a little bit away from "parallel play" and into actually playing with other children, as we saw yesterday during a play date with her older friend Silas (1 yr 3 months older than Grace). It was a Kenyan holiday so Kristoffer was home and we had a great time with Silas, his brother Julius (3 weeks older than Noah) and their parents, Casper and Malene. Grace shared well, took turns, didn't cry when Silas played with her toys, talked to and played with him a lot. I think it was her best play date ever!

Noah is heavier, Silas is longer
Building tracks and playing trains
Noah is such a cutie. He laughs aloud now, particularly when tickled, and is fascinated by all things musical. The other day he started to express sadness if he drops a toy (big pout followed by whimper or slight cry). Grace has taken to "reading" her books to him and he seems enchanted by her most of the time. He wants to be in a sitting or standing position a lot of the time, so Kristoffer started to train him to cruise, as you can see below. He likes to grab stuff and has started to teethe - everything goes into his mouth for a chomp!
Nothing too new and exciting going on in our house, but we have many little reasons to be happy with these little people of ours!

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The Goldstein Family said...

Noah and his friend Silas look just like William and Trevor from 11 years ago! :)