Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011 - Champagne, Please!

The Welsiens have a lot to celebrate!

We had a G-R-E-A-T visit to the doctor on Friday for joint check-ups and vaccinations for Grace and Noah. Noah is doing great and developing well. He weighed 7.1 kg/15.6 lbs and was 64 cm/25.1 in long. This put him just under 75th percentile for both weight and height. His measurements from when he went to the ER in the US must have been off (he was wearing clothes, and I'm not sure she converted kg to lbs properly) because we expected him to be much bigger than that...but we are thrilled that he is so full and healthy and doing so great. He liked the taste of the oral vaccination he got but was not too happy about the double jabs :( Noah is roughly the weight Grace was at a year and is the length she was at 7 months old. We weren't expecting to have such a big baby, but he is a boy so this is to be expected.

And Grace. Wow! Our little, little peanut had a growth spurt! You've never met two happier parents than us on Friday afternoon. At 27 months old, she weighs 10.4 kg/23 lbs and is 87 cm/34.3 in. THIS IS HUGE! She gained a little over 1 kg since March 2nd (or almost 2.5 lbs), which was an enormous jump for her. Instead of being well, well, well below any percentile on her growth chart, she is now just under 5th percentile. For her length, she is somewhere around 38th percentile, which is also an increase from the 25th percentile before.

When Dr. Nesbitt saw her stats, he came in to the room and said, "Should we open a bottle of champagne?" Having been on the rough road of Grace's weight and eating issues with us, he was just as thrilled as we were. And to what magic do we owe Grace's growth spurt? On the one hand, she is definitely a better - albeit still difficult - eater, in part to some behavior modification we have tried (rewards for eating); and, on the other hand, she has been drinking a lot of "older toddler formula", which we call "Special Milk" in our house, since Noah was born. This combination has helped her along with just being a bit older, more mature and able to understand us when we talk about eating or food.

Grace was also very brave when she had to get two vaccinations - against typhoid and meningitis - and was so, so, so good throughout the whole doctor's visit. Compared to a few months ago when she would start crying in the parking lot of the children's hospital before even going into the doctor's office, she has come a long way and we are so proud of her! These days she is saying and singing anything and everything. She loves to run and jump and dance and play, play, play. She was a little shy going back to school this week after such a long break, but by Friday Ms. Mbata said she seemed back to her old self, and she is on a great sleeping schedule (8pm to somewhere between 6:30 and 7 am straight). Grace is Super-Girl!

In addition to all of that good news, Noah is four months old today! Big boy is so happy. He rolls over and moves around when he is laying down; he smiles and is starting to giggle and laugh; he coos and a-goos and makes very sweet noises in response to people; he reaches for and grabs stuff; he likes to be standing up and is working on sitting up by himself; he eats well and is sleeping better since figuring out he can roll onto his stomach in his sleep (which he prefers); he is generally easy-going and sweet. Super-Girl's little brother is Super-Boy for sure!

Cheers to all! Skål! Happy, happy, happy!


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