Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011 - Final Fun

After Bibi and Jen left to go back to New York, we had a few more days to capture a few more sweet moments before heading home to Nairobi. I missed this moment below, but Kristoffer and my parents watched Grace sing to Noah while he was in the exer-saucer. Apparently it was adorable...
I did not miss out on observing Grace have her first tea party with Nene. It was incredibly sweet. I am not sure who loved it more - Grace, or my mom!
Nene said, in true Danish style: Skål! (that means CHEERS!)
Far and Noah were pooped after lots of packing and took a nap at Auntie Meghan's. I have a very similar picture of Far with Grace at the same age. They look just alike and Kristoffer hasn't changed much since then :)
One of our vacation highlights was on our last night. Kristoffer & Tim built a fire, the kids all searched for the best roasting sticks they could find, and we made S'Mores!!! It was the first time for Kristoffer and Grace, and they loved it! For Danes who don't know, s'mores are roasted marshmallows in a graham cracker sandwich with Hershey's chocolate. Also known as a little piee of heaven, we had a blast making and eating them. Then the "kids" - Michael, Sean, Molly, Kristoffer, Tim and even Grace - played Cops & Robbers until it was almost dark! Such a great night!
Grace's first bite!
She loved it! Meghan said, "I've never seen her eat so much of anything!"
After so much fun, it was certainly hard to say goodbye to our American family and friends. A special thank you to Nene and Pops and Auntie Meghan for all they did for us while we were home. We love you!


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