Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011 - Blessed Boy

Yesterday, May 1, 2011, Noah Dean was baptized at St. Augustine's in Andover, MA (the church where I made my First Communion, my Confirmation, where Kristoffer and I were married and where Grace was also Baptized). The day before that we had a party for him at my parents house and were happy to introduce him to many friends and family members. It was actually quite a busy weekend, and I don't feel I really had the time to stop and reflect so much about the significance of Noah's baptism. But after some quiet time this morning I am able to not only post pictures of our weekend, but also to reflect on what a big day it was for all of us.

During a difficult pregnancy with Noah, there was more than one moment when we thought that we would lose our baby. At 7 weeks pregnant, all signs indicated that I was having a miscarriage and I was even offered a surgical procedure to clean out my reproductive system. One week later, though, our little guy was still fighting. When I was 25 weeks pregnant and bleeding heavily, we thought the worst was happening, but again, Rocky was a fighter indeed. After that hospitalization I had infection after infection after infection and was even hospitalized once more. Noah was born healthy and one of the first things Kristoffer said to him was, "I didn't think I was going to get to meet you!" Unfortunately he was incredibly sick from two to three weeks old and gave us the worst scare of all! Given all of that, for our family to stand on the altar of the church yesterday and have this beautiful boy be baptized...I just feel it was a miracle! Nothing short of faith, hope and a lot of love brought Noah into this world, healthy and happy, and we are so grateful to God for this blessed boy.

Noah meeting Aunt Nina and Uncle Jack
Grace's Godfather, Reid, holding Noah
Grace decided to help Noah open some presents
My friend Julie came to meet Noah and sign his Baptism portrait
Our dear friend Gabe and his family also loved the little guy
Meghan and Matt, who visited us in Kenya early on in my pregnancy with Noah, were happy to see the baby on the outside
We had fun playing with the Andersen Family (with Brady - age 2 - and Jack - 5 months)
Keilah Noel held Noah too (her mom Cheryl was my music teacher for many years!)
Me with my babies, Cheryl with hers
Uncle Tim - Noah's Godfather - got some snuggles when the party quieted down
At the church, my Godmother, Aunt Linda, holding Noah
Fr. O'Leary asking us what we wish for our son
Godparents Auntie Meghan and Uncle Tim
Grace was a very serious sister during Noah's baptism and Noah was nothing but sweet smiles
Molly loves Grace!
Thank you to the Noon Family for coming (and to Joanna for taking all these pictures!)
What a special, lovely weekend we had. God Bless Noah Dean!

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