Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011 - Rollie Pollie

For the last couple of nights, Noah hasn't sleep so well. He was waking up even when he wasn't hungry and would go right back to sleep upon pick-up but wouldn't stay asleep when I put him down again. It was a little frustrating and I assumed it was related to either jet-lag or the start of teething (because we are getting to the stage when I will blame everything on teething for several months). Last night, however, I learned that he was waking up because his bed is too small for him. He was trying to move around and roll over in his cradle, and was waking up when he was hitting the sides of it. After many rounds of trying to get him to stay asleep in his cradle last night I put him in our bed; after about 10 minutes of that he rolled over from his back to his stomach. He didn't want to stay there too long so I put him back on his back - mind you he was asleep-ish through all of this - and sure enough a few minutes later he was squirming, squirming, and rolled over again! And so it went, over and over, throughout the night.

So we've got a roller on our hands. One of Kristoffer's colleagues is donating a proper crib to our cause and we will pick it up this weekend so that Noah has more space to move around. It seems like pretty soon this little guy will be starting solid foods and ready for sleep training. Where is the time going?! When I think of him he is still a newborn, but when I look at him, he is almost as big as his sister! And speaking of sisters...Grace is so, so, so sweet with Noah these days. It is really heart-melting. She sings to him, talks to him, shows him stuff. One of the first things she says when she wakes up in the morning is, "Where is Noah, Mama?" and when she comes from school the very first thing she says is, "Hi, Buddy Noah!" He eats it right up. No matter how close she gets or what she is doing to or near him, he is smiling at her. Sibling love. It's amazing!


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