Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011 - Family Ties

Over Mother's Day weekend, my family had a lot to celebrate. Sean, my sister's second child, made his First Communion and my brother, Mark, sister, Christine, and my mom's best friend, who we still call Mrs. Duffy, came for the occasion. We missed Carrie, Matthew, Nathan, and Kevin too, but it was still a great weekend. We started by waiting outside - on a rare nice day of weather - for Meghan's older kids to get home from school on the bus.

My two guys
Nora, Meghan, Mark, Grace and Christine at varying levels of interest in sidewalk chalk.
Grace and Auntie Tine - who is expecting Baby Phelps in September! - took a little walk to look for the school bus.
Noah and Uncle Mark compared hat sizes. Turns out they both have a big head!
When the big kids came home there was a lot of fun playing - but no time for taking pictures :)

The next day was Sean's big day, and he was a very proud, handsome First Communicant.
Here, with Nene and Pops.
The whole O'Brien clan!
My dear friend Abbey, who I haven't seen in about 3 years, came home for the weekend and made a visit to us at Meghan's house. It was a short, crazy visit but it was so nice to see her and catch up. I think she was a bit shocked by the fact that the last time she saw me I had no kids and now I have two kids!
On Mother's Day, I was a little bit sick with a sinus infection, but Auntie Tine put those mama-in-training skills to work and helped out a lot with Grace and Noah. This boy is all smiles!
For my mom, it was a real treat to be with all four of her children!
When Christine's baby is born, she will become a grandmother for the 9th time!
We decided to let my Dad pose with his family too. Kristoffer for some reason decided to take our picture from the floor. Mark and Meghan could not be contained!
Molly showed Grace the movie, "Pete's Dragon", an old favorite in our family, for the first time!
Uncle Tim took Michael and Sean to spend the day with his mother and family, so it was just Meghan and the girls with us.
Noah was just taking it all in.
I think Mrs. Duffy was trying to avoid the camera, but Kristoffer caught her! She is just one of the fam and we were so happy she came up to visit from Doylestown while we were home. When Grace wanted to find her she would yell out, "Duffy! Duffy! Where did Duffy go?"
Grace and Nora are 9 months apart. Nora is very much the youngest of four and Grace is very much the oldest of two. Nora loved baby Noah so much and was also interested in playing with Grace at first. But Grace was one tough cookie and gave Nora a really hard time until the last day of our trip. Here, though, Grace had a nice moment of not hitting Nora and actually taking turns in the little rocking chair. Good job, girls!
What a lovely family weekend!

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