Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011 - One date late...

Noah turned 3 months old yesterday and I just did not manage to write a blog about it. It has been a busy week for us in the US so far. When we arrived my Aunt Heidi and her husband were visiting us from Maryland. We also got to see my sister Meghan and her kids right away! Then my friend Karen came to visit from Washington, DC and yesterday Brooke & Dave and Kate stopped by for lunch! So nice to see so many people we love!

In between all of that, Noah also got a bit sick. He was throwing up a lot and had a fever, and a very, very stuffy nose. We ended up in the emergency room because his illness was taking the same pattern as when he got so sick in Kenya, and I was afraid of him becoming very dehydrated. But all of his tests checked out fine and yesterday he was on his way to feeling better. We learned at the hospital that he weighs 17 lbs!!! (that's 7.8 kg!!!)! They were calling him "pork chop" at the ER and all of the nurses were completely in love. Of course he screamed the entire day and then when we got to the hospital completely stopped and was just flirting with everyone! But it was good to make sure he was OK and there was nothing more serious going on. We hope that by today he has made a full recovery.

Also, to give me a "3rd month birthday" gift Noah slept last night for OVER 7 HOURS!!! That's right, folks, he slept from 10:30 pm to just a few minutes before 6 am. WOWEE!! I went to bed early with a bad headache and woke up this morning feeling like a whole new woman!

Thanks, little buddy, and happy quarter life to you! I am a lucky Mama to have such a sweet little man on my side.


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