Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17, 2011 - 15 Days in Denmark...

...and 15 pictures to tell the tale (okay, it's really 15 pictures times 2).

Grace has loved visiting sheep in DK. She keeps checking to see if they have had their babies yet and can remember when Mama had a Baby Noah in her belly (you know, way back when in January!).
Hans and Noah spent some time on the phone together :)
Noah got to meet Oldemor for the first time...
...and Grace was SO happy to see and play with Oldemor again.
Grace gave us a dress up fashion show...with a little help from her cousin-stylist, Josefine!
And, Grace played with Barbies for the first time.
(Shhh...don't tell Auntie Tine!)
Tante Jytte was the Baby Charmer!
Grace just loved being one of the girls.
Grace was excited to show Uncle Rasmus all of the sheep...
...and she wasn't scared when one of them kissed her!
Noah exercised with Uncle!
We had a lovely afternoon with Tommy, Mirja & Leander who came to visit from Germany.
Grace spent as much time as possible on the big trampoline with Far and the girls.
Grace fell in love with the Danish pram Farmor borrowed for our visit, and when we visited Farfar she wanted him to push her! She is a real Dane!
Noah liked the sound of Marianne's voice...
...and snuggled a biy with Farfar too.
Grace helped Far and Farfar do some yardwork. One of her favorite activities!
Grace also showed Noah more and more attention. She likes to make him smile.
And she likes to read to him. She starts every story with, "One day..."
Back to Farmor and Hans' house just in time to snuggle up and watch the royal baptism. Noah was prepped for his upcoming sacrament.
Nikoline is fantastic big cousin/baby-sitter!
Noah can grab and hold the rings all by himself now!
We snuck in a little time with friends Morten, Elsebeth, Kim & Jib. They got to meet Noah and played with Grace. We even got bundled up for a fresh walk to the beach!

What a great two weeks! Tomorrow we leave DK in the wee hours of the morning to fly to Boston - using Noah's new Danish passport, thank you very much - for 3 1/2 more weeks of fun. Thank you to the family and friends we saw here for a lovely visit (although too short, as usual) and to those we didn't see this time we look forward to catching up during our next visit.

Love that dirty water...Boston, here we come!

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