Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011 - Grace's 1st Haircut

It took 2 years and 8 days for the moment to arrive, but yesterday afternoon, Kristoffer, Noah and I took Grace to get her first haircut. We explained everything ahead of time so she was prepared and she recently watched me get my hair cut so she had a visual in her mind of what was going to happen. I think we made a good decision to take her to the lady who cuts Kristoffer's hair and not the lady who cuts my hair (for a variety of reasons...long story there). I wanted to videotape the experience but Noah was a bit fussy at the exact same time so that couldn't really happen. I held Noah and the digital camera, Kristoffer held Grace. She was so brave and didn't cry or squirm at all. The hair lady was extremely sweet as well. Grace might not look thrilled in the pictures, but when we stepped out of the shop she exclaimed, "I'm so pretty!" Granted, she didn't have THAT much hair in the first place, but her mullet was getting pretty crazy in the back and we think that by chopping it off we gave it freedom to grow faster (and hopefully curlier!). If I hadn't been somewhat distracted with Noah, I probably would have cried as my daughter's baby hair was cut off. And, yes, I did save that first little curl for her baby book. And yes, okay world, I get it now. She's really not a baby anymore!

The Before
(getting her hair sprayed a little wet)
The During
The After

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