Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011 - So Long, Farewell

Nene and Pops leave us tonight after spending six weeks with us in Nairobi. Our life is not so glamorous: lots of repetition in our schedule, lots of time at home with two kids, lots of we hope that they weren't too bored and enjoyed a break from the nasty New England winter. Bad news for them: one foot of snow in Boston on Friday after they arrive! HA!

Grace and Noah enjoyed time with another set of grandparents; Kristoffer and I enjoyed time with another set of parents. Ten weeks into Noah's life and he has only been without grandparents for a few nights here and there - not too shabby! Grace has been spoiled with love and attention!

Just as they are leaving, we are getting ready to get out of town ourselves. Saturday morning we beging six weeks away: 2 weeks in Denmark and 4 weeks in the US. We are very much looking forward to seeing our families and friends, and hope that Farmor, Hans, Nene and Pops aren't too sick of us to see us again so soon!

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for making the big, long trip over here. It's been interesting for you (we hope) and we really enjoyed having you here!

L, K, G, & N

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