Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011 - E is for Elephant

This evening, after our big morning at Grace's art exhibition, we all went to the David Sheldrick orphanage for elephants and rhinos. It has recently become pretty "famous" with a new IMAX movie about it and they have received a lot of money so we noticed that the place had been expanded and improved since our last visit. We were visiting an elephant that our friend Deborah adopted when she was here in January. While Grace went there two times in her first six months, she hasn't been since then so we knew she would just love seeing the elephants up close. Especially after her class has just spent one week learning about elephants!

When we arrived there, she was instantly fascinated by the dung beetles we watched while we were waiting for the elephants. Then she really liked the rhinos, but was even happier to see all the elephants! She saw that they drank milk just like she did amd she watched them eat. She even got to pet the youngest elephant's trunk. As much as we (Kristoffer, my parents and I) enjoyed seeing the elephants ourselves, it was really sweet for us to see her react to and try to interact with them! Noah, per usual, slept through the visit :) It was a great day!

Maxwell, the five-year-old blind rhino
Here come the elephants...
Did my mom find a new grandchild?
One of the elephant keepers.
Bottoms Up!
Some of Grace's faces!

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artemis said...

Lisa: how great to see the pictures of Lisa enjoying Sheldrick..and Murka! and congratulations on Noah joining the family...great memories of our visit to Nairobi and your family! Love, Kinthi