Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26, 2011 - Two-year-old Monkey

Grace had a "monkey" birthday today! It is very hard for us to believe that she is already two-years old. Here is a little bit about her day...

She woke up at 5 am and was happy to play with Far upstairs (and eventually Mama and Noah) before going downstairs for her birthday.
She was very happy to find a decorated downstairs with many balloons and many birthday presents!
She really loved her birthday train. Grace has been good at telling people that she is two now!
At 10 am we met up at the pool with some of our friends (10 kids + 4 infants + 16 parents + 2 grandparents!) for Monkeynastix! Grace had a good time in the beginning but then got a little bit overwhelmed by everything going on. It was a beautiful but very hot morning so after Monkeynastix we moved down to our house.

At home Grace got to eat her monkey cake. It was a tough transition from the poolside to our house because when we came home all the kids started playing with Grace's toys and she wasn't quite prepared for sharing with so many people. After a brief meltdown she recovered and we had a nice time with our friends.
Noah was pretty much like this with Nene all day.
Grace's friend Hayley was really making her laugh for a little while. I was happy to catch a big smile on camera :)
When everyone had gone and Grace woke up from her nap, she enjoyed playing with her goodie bag and all the balloons in the quiet of her own company.
Mama wanted one good mother-daughter picture but Grace wasn't so thrilled.
Our two-year old was happy to go to sleep after a long, busy, fun birthday. She happily gave Noah some night-night love.
And just as happily crawled into bed for the night.
We know Grace has been going through a tough time adjusting to Noah as a member of our family, so we really wanted this day to be special for her. In hindsight, maybe we had too many people over to celebrate with her, but it was a lovely day overall and I think she felt our love. At least I hope so! We are so proud of our big girl - a beautiful daughter, a great big sister. Happy, happy birthday Gracie!


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