Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011 - One Month Old

Noah is one month old today, and what a month it has been! He has been through a lot, namely a serious virus with its corresponding tests and treatment (spinal tap! ouch!) and a high-maintenance sister! But through it all he has remained an extremely sweet, sweet boy. He seems to be in a phase where he eats A LOT for two straight days and then he has two days of mostly sleeping. It is in an interesting pattern and I continue to be fascinated by both the similarities and differences between Noah and Grace's newborn-hood.

He is a handsome little fellow who is more and more a part of our family every day. We can't believe that the last month has already flown by (particularly given how S-L-O-W the last month of my pregnancy felt!), that Kirsten and Hans have already come and gone, that my parents are already here, and that Noah ever wasn't in our lives. We are still adjusting to our new life (read: GRACE is still adjusting to being a big sister...we have great days like yesterday and tough days like today!) but we couldn't be more grateful for it.

The little guy is getting big (check up at the doctor next week; will report new stats then)!
(note for the record: I did intend to take a picture of Noah with his eyes open today but there were few opportunities to do so and Grace seemed to swoop in just at those moments when his eyes were brightest!)

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