Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 15, 2011 - Sports Day

Today was "Sports Day" at Grace's school, where each class participated in some kind of race for all the parents to watch.

First, there was a small assembly and some singing. You'll notice that Grace is no longer the youngest or smallest in her class anymore. Her class went from 6 kids to 18 kids this term. There are now 2 teachers with 3 or 4 assistants. I thought she might freak out about this change but she seemed to take it in stride and is very friendly with the other children in her class. When she gets to school in the morning, she likes to hug everyone!
This is Grace at the starting line for her class' race. They had to race halfway down the track to pick up a stuffed animal, and then race the rest of the way to their parents. They called it "Little Wild Hunters". You can see from the pictures that Grace was not in a huge rush and made it to me last in her class...but she still finished! As a non-athlete, I was very proud that she still got a medal despite not "winning" the race.
Here the gym teacher is trying to show her how to jump over the hurdles. Minor problem: Grace is still so small that she can't quite get both of her feet off the ground at the same time to officially jump. She does practice a lot and I think she'll get it soon!
Eventually she picked up her lion!
And made it to a proud Mama at the finish line to get her medal!Then Grace and Farmor cheered on her schoolmates in their races...
...and even cheered on Hans when he competed in the "parents race". Since Kristoffer couldn't be there it was a good thing Hans was there to represent our family. Not that he is very competitive or anything (wink wink)...but his team did win :)
It was so great that Farmor and Hans could come to Sports Day at Grace's school! In another week we have our first parent-teacher conference at Grace's school too. Really looking forward to hearing what her teacher has to say!


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