Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6, 2010 - "Life" Meets "Lees"

About a year ago, I noticed that there was another blogger following my blog. She was an American woman who has lived all over the world and had just moved to Nairobi with her husband, who is with the Foreign Service, and her two sons. She was reading my blog to learn about life in Nairobi, and I began reading her blog to learn more from a more experienced expat mom. One of the great things about reading Lees on the Go is that I often hear a voice who understands what I am going through and can identify with some of the harder-for-others-to-understand aspects of living in Nairobi. Trust me, there have been days when my sanity has been very grateful to have her blog to read.

So here we have been, living separately in the same world and reading about each other's lives, but not "actually" knowing each other. Until yesterday, that is! As Grace and I were waiting to buy some bread at the bakery, I got a little tap on my shoulder and there was my blogger friend standing in front of me! It was lovely to chat for awhile, and she even had her camera with her to take a picture (see the above link). It was one of the nicest surprises I've had while shopping in Nairobi and it really made my day :)


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LeesOnTheGo said...

Glad we finally got to meet! (And Grace is every bit as darling in real life as she is in your blog photos!) Looking forward to seeing you around town again! =)