Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010 - First Day

Our morning started out kind of rough, I will admit. Grace woke up at 5 am and didn't ever completely go back to sleep, so that she was pretty whiny and grumpy between 7 and 8. Oh boy. Then she normally has a messy diaper right after eating breakfast, but today it never happened. I waited and waited and waited to bring her to school - still nothing. So finally I decided to pack her up and leave and she seemed pretty happy...
...only to discover that our rental car's battery was dead! HA! I couldn't make this up if I tried. So we waited to get jumped by a neighbor and made it to school just in the nick of time (although really in her class the time doesn't matter all that much).

When we got to school Grace seemed tentative. She was acting shy with her teacher until a little boy brought over a book about puppies. She squealed, "Doggies!" and never looked back.
Yes, I took pictures. I am sure I wasn't supposed to and I certainly didn't ask permission to, but this first-time-mom-who-has-never-left-my-child-with-anyone-but-her-grandparents-for-more-than-one-hour needed to.

I hid in the back of the classroom for 45 minutes and watched Grace play. She liked the slide and was happy to play with the boys as they raced cars and trucks and trains down the slide as well.
When morning play time was over, the teachers sang a little song about "tidying up" and all of the children put the toys away. Grace was a very good listener and cleaned up just what the teacher told her to. I got a kick out of when she started to reorganize the bookshelf as well! Then there was another song about picking up your chair and putting it on the carpet. All of the little boys grabbed a chair and made a line in front of the teacher. When Grace saw what they were doing she tried as well, but she is a bit smaller than the others and couldn't quite get it there on her own. With a little help, she found a good spot and was extremely attentive to the songs the teacher sang. The boys were doing hand motions, but Grace was just taking it all in.
Then it was storytime. The planets must have been aligned for us today because the morning's story was one of Grace's all time favorites, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and she actually jumped out of her seat when the teacher started the story. The little boy next to her told her she had to sit down and she did, and as I snuck out of the room I could see that she was completely enthralled.
Of course when I left our rental car battery was dead again and we had to wait for another jump. I spent my hours away from Grace dealing with getting the owner of the car to come with a mechanic to replace the battery! When I picked Grace up a couple of hours later, the principal told me that during horse riding and "music and movement" Grace was not interested in participating but carefully watched the activities. She said that she didn't cry at all and followed directions very well. She was just finishing up eating her lunch when the teacher asked me to come in; I watched Grace washing her own hands at the little sink and using her own wash-cloth to dry her hands. When she saw me I got a HUGE smile and running hug and "Mama!" Her teacher said she was completely impressed; Grace is the only one in the class who didn't cry at all on her first day (you show those boys, Grace!). She said she didn't eat her snack but ate a good lunch and was very happy all morning.

Wow! I guess a mom couldn't hope for a better report than that. I thought she might fall asleep in the car, but it really took an hour of winding down at home before she was ready for her nap.

Congratulations to me for not crying this morning (maybe the car drama helped); I really feel so proud of Grace for having a good morning and it is really nice to have confirmation that we made the right decision.


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