Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2, 2010 - "Own bag. Own bag. Own bag."

Kirsten signed us up for a baby music class at the library this morning. I was pretty excited because we don't really get such an opportunity in Nairobi. This morning after I packed up my bag with all the necessary paraphernalia, Grace was trying to carry it although it was way too big for her. Without really thinking about it I asked her if she wanted her own bag. She then repeated it a couple times: "Own bag. Own bag. Own bag."

Wanting to be prepared for such an occasion, I bought Grace a cute, small elephant bag in Nairobi many months ago. But of course I didn't bring it with us to Denmark! Lucky for me Kristoffer's mom recently discovered a backpack from when Kristoffer went to daycare and gave it to me last week. So I found Kristoffer's little bag, let Grace put one of her rubber ducks and a favorite book inside it (Jean and Jen - her Countdown Safari book has become a must-read, a couple times a day!), and put the bag on her. Of course we had to take it off in the car, but walking from the car to the library she said over and over and over and over again, "Own bag. Own bag. Own bag," with extreme pride. Kirsten and I couldn't help but notice that, as small as she is, she really looked like she was ready to go off to school!

I hoped to have more pictures and video from the music class, but my camera battery died just at the beginning. Grace was much older than the other babies (who were all actually babies!) except for one baby's big sister, but she did quite well. The teacher and the singing made her so relaxed that I couldn't believe how calm and still my little busy-body was for the whole hour.

Here is Grace wearing her "Own bag. Own bag. Own bag."
Cutest. Thing. Ever.


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