Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12, 2010 -Hello, Jealousy

Hans' daughter Tina and her 8-month-old son Louis spent most of this week visiting us from Copenhagen. It was really nice to see them because we so rarely get to spend time with Tina when we are here and because Louis is just the sweetest baby ever. To prepare for their arrival, Grace enjoyed helping Hans bake some rye bread (rugbrød) last weekend.
When they arrived, Grace was pretty friendly to Louis at first. She learned to say his name right away and seemed very sweet.
The sweetness lasted until Mama or Farmor got too close to Louis or until he showed interest in something of hers. Then her true "I-don't-want-to-be-a-big-sister" colors started to show, complete with hitting, kicking, and throwing things at him. Of course this is typical of her age and you can't but understand why she would feel jealous, but we are hoping to work on changing her "anti-baby" attitude before Rocky's arrival in approximately 20 more weeks (or less)!

Luckily, Hans and some carrots were on call to provide some good distraction for Grace and Louis. They enjoyed looking at pictures and videos of themselves on Hans' computer! Hans said that overall it was a good day to be a grandfather!
Thank you, Tina and Louis, for a nice visit!

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Paloma said...

Helpful yet catty. Gotta love Grace.