Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29, 2010 - Weekend Fun

This weekend Grace has had great fun. On Friday evening, her cousins Nikoline and Josefine came to visit, so on Friday morning she and Farmor had to bake some cupcakes to get ready. Farmor says that Grace is the youngest baker she has had helping her in the kitchen and that she actually IS helpful and doesn't make the work more difficult! I say, at least she looks the part!
After dinner with the girls on Friday Grace tried out the running bicycle that Farmor and Hans have (something like this) with Nikoline.
Don't forget your helmet!
Yesterday we visited a small zoo nearby. It was the perfect combination of "petting zoo" with small domestic animals along with some wild animals from far away. We several African friends, and some new faces too. Grace really liked to walk around and to feed carrots to many animals, like the ponies.
This morning, before going to the swimming hall with Farmor and the girls, Grace had fun playing dress up with lots of jewelry. Despite the subliminal messages Far gives her in her sleep, I think she is going to be a girly-girl!
It is so fun to have cousins to play with!

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