Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 26, 2010 - Turning 18 (Months)!

Since Grace was very small, one of the nicknames Kristoffer and I use for her - mostly to each other - is "the baby babe".
What did the baby babe do today?
Is the baby babe asleep?
Have you seen the baby babe playing?
It's time for the baby babe's bath!

It occurred to me last week, as I watched her do so many little girl things, that our baby babe isn't really a baby babe anymore and we might need to start calling her "the girly girl", because she is really a little girl now. I'm sure I've said this many times in the last 18 months, but she is at the cutest age right now. Everyday she can say and do so many new things. It is a joy to: see the world through her eyes as her curiousity leads to new discovery upon new discovery, feel every emotion as she feels them newly or experiments with them, and explore language and meaning as she tries to say - often with great success! - new words in both English and Danish. She is eating well (yes! our Grace!), sleeping well and is just so much fun that, not for the first time, I would love to freeze time and hold on to her just like this for as long as possible. But I realize that before I know it my daughter will be writing her own blog about turning 30 and giving me a crisis of a whole new kind!

In the meantime, here are some of Grace's most recent moments that we have enjoyed so much.
Grace, you have given us the best 18 months full of
joy and pride and love.
Happy Half Birthday to you, baby babe!
(If you'll let us, I think we'll keep the nickname for just a little longer...)


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