Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 21, 2010 - Faces and Places (take 2)

Since I last blogged about our trip to Denmark, we had even more vistors and also ventured away from Varde (where Kirsten and Hans live) to visit family and friends in other places. Grace, as usual, did very well through all of the disruptions in her routine and we enjoyed seeing a lot of family and some good friends too.

Martin and Grace blew bubbles in the garden.
Kirsten and Hans hosted a lovely lunch with Oldemor, Gert, Kitte, Marianne and also Martin and Simone (not pictured).
Grace tried to get used to her cousin Mads (son of Kristoffer's cousin Aja), but when I was feeding him a bottle she made it very clear that she was not happy about it. Here she is giving him her most sinister look!
But later that day she realized he wasn't too much of a threat given that he seemed like to bubbles as much as she does.
We went Flemsburg, Germany to celebrate the wedding/we had a baby/we built a house/Tommy is 40! for Hans' son Tommy and his wife Mirja. Leander also just turned 1 this past week.
Marianne, Martin and Simone reminded everyone at the party that "All You Need is Love"!
And we got to see Tina, Thomas and baby Louis too!
The happy couple and their "first dance"!
After partying all night long we went to stay with Farfar and Marianne in Nordborg for a few days. Grace liked the view from up high!
She also really liked to feed the ducks by Farfar's house with Far, Farfar and Marianne.
Then we went to Tandslet for a few days with Rasmus, Jytte, Nikoline and Josefine. Grace and I taught the girls and their friend Emma how to play "wonderball"!
And the girls enjoyed a photoshoot with Kristoffer...
while Uncle Rasmus was chasing Grace around the garden!
She loved that game, but eventually took a rest to blow bubbles with Josefine.
Finally, Kristoffer and I dropped Grace back in Varde with Farmor and Hans headed off by ourselves to Bornholm, a Danish island on the other side of Sweden, to celebrate the wedding of our dear friends Morten & Elsebeth. It was the first time we spent a weekend away from Grace and it turns that we had a great time without her and she had a great time without us!

Here, Kristoffer is giving some marital advice to the groom.
They made a beautiful bride and handsome groom on the beach; we enjoyed celebrating with old and new friends and were so happy to be here for their special day.
Tillykke, Morten og Elsebeth!

Then, just like that, two weeks went by and Kristoffer headed back to Nairobi this past Monday without us. Grace and I are having a good time (good time = restful for me and playful for her!) with Farmor and Hans. We miss him and will be happy to see him in a couple more weeks when he comes back for us. In the meantime we are enjoying Danish life. I wonder what other faces and places we will explore while we are here?!


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