Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010 - Only in Kenya

In the last month we have had three visitors from the US, which has been really fun but also a bit time consuming away from this blog! Johanna is a friend from college and she came to Kenya for a couple of weeks with her friend Sharon (below). We had a great time with them!
My friend Karen, who I worked with for 2 months in Washington, DC, has been here for the last week (sorry, we haven't taken any pictures yet!) and has been a great guest. She and Grace are best friends now and we're showing her all the ins and outs of Nairobi. When she leaves we have more visitors coming: my friend Meghan from high school and her husband! So fun to have so many Americans around!

In other news, my wallet was stolen two weeks ago. Of course this can happen in any country to any person at any time and was not really that big of a deal. Yes, I was annoyed and inconvenienced about having to call banks in the US, Denmark and Kenya but it was a pretty small blip on the screen. I dealt with it, got over it and never thought I'd think of it again. UNTIL...I got a phone call yesterday from a branch of my local bank saying that they had my wallet! Somebody actually turned it in! All the cash was gone, of course, but all of my cards and identification were still there. Inside there was also a name and phone number of the guy who turned my wallet in to the bank, but I can't decide if I should contact him (he likely wants a reward...) because what if he was the one who stole it in the first place?! Tough call, but really ONLY IN KENYA! I would have never gotten my wallet back in the US - thank you, Kenya!

In addition to visitors and travels, we've been busy with Grace being busy, busy, busy. She is into everything: running around, playing with everything, and talking up a storm! We think she is at a very fun age and enjoy all the funny little things she says and does. In two more weeks we are traveling to Denmark and really look forward to seeing all of our family and friends there.



Anonymous said...

why would someone want a reward from you? this is a person who found a wallet and took it where the owner would find it.Thieves would never do that,they take the money and throw things away.You seem to have some american superiority complex,which makes you think that Africans always expect favours from you.Most americans abroad live a life they can not afford to live back in the US,while there a lot af africans who are in a better position than many americans.If the person did ask for a reward,then it would be understandable for you to imply that he wanted a reward,but in this case it is pure assumptive.
S Singh

The Welsien Family said...

To S Singh, in case you return:
It might appear that I am just making assumptions, you are right. But I have lived in Kenya long enough to have been stolen from more than once, lied to, and manipulated so my reservations about contacting my wallet-returner are at least grounded in previous experience. And, if you re-read what you have written here than I am sure you will discover - because it is quite obvious - that you are pretty good at making assumptions yourself.
Cheers! LMW