Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010 - Baby, It's COLD Outside

In a post that is likely to surprise you, I would like to report that we are VERY COLD in Nairobi right now! Our "winter" season isn't really supposed to start until July , but the cold has come a few weeks early and, for some reason, has caught us completely by surprised. Perhaps it's because we just came from nice, warm Boston or perhaps we have lived here so long that our blood is now thinner and, thus, more sensitive to slight drops in temperature. I don't know why it is...but I do know that I'm wearing layers. How cold is it, you ask? Well...I would say high 50s F/14 C in the morning and evening, but even during the day it hasn't been getting too warm. No higher than low 60s F. BRRRRR! Who could tell that we are Danes and New England-Americans!?!

Good thing Grace has a wonderfully warm sweater that Oldemor (her great-grandmother) made her to keep her warm!

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