Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9, 2010 - Trip Down Memory Lane

Almost two months after we moved to Nairobi I blogged about meeting a woman who turned out to be my first friend here. She and her husband got married one week after we did and they arrived in Kenya a few months before us. Well they had a baby in December and we had a play date at our house yesterday. We also saw them a few weeks ago at their house and it has been really nice to reconnect with our kids after a long time of not seeing each other (she was working in Europe during her pregnancy and had her baby in the US).

Little Miss Grace and Master Santiago got along very well, and their naps overlapped so that my friend and I could have a nice visit. Grace has gotten very good at sharing recently and was happy to bring him her toys.

I have to say that it was really nice to have a small baby in the house again. We brought out all of Grace's old gear: her boppy (nursing pillow), her swing, her bouncy seat, her rattles...the works! It was a real trip down memory lane for Grace and she loved examining all her old stuff. The fun really started last night before bed when she started filling up the bouncy seat with all her current and past toys. Lately she has taken to "sorting" things: she puts things in a pile and then when she is done she individually moves each item to a new pile, and usually does it one more time after that. We are really enjoying all of the cute play we are seeing at this age.


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