Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1, 2010 - Rainy Day

It was a very cool and rainy morning in Nairobi and only now is the sun starting to break through at 1 pm (which is rare). Our car is in the shop today so Grace and I are stuck at home and we had no electricity for the entire morning., raining, no car, no power...what to do?

First, we invited Mae and Ben to come over and build a fort for Grace to play in. That went well, as you can see.

Then Grace decided to play in the laundry. She has been doing this for weeks now and just loves to take out and unfold fresh clothes; she also loves to hide things in the laundry like my cell phone. Last week she decided she liked to put my underwear on her head while playing with the laundry*. Today for the first time she went for 3 pairs of underwear at once and began crawling around with them on her head, taking them off and then putting them back on in a different order. I apologize if it is inappropriate for me to post these pictures...but really I find them too funny to keep to myself.

The future of our rainy day hopefully involves taking a nap (with Grace a nap is never guaranteed) and then greeting Far when he gets home this evening to begin our four-day Easter weekend!

* please note that neither Kristoffer nor I walk around with underwear on either of our heads, so we really have no idea where this game came from :)

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