Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010 - Word Nerd

I am not a linguist and have never studied in what ways babies acquire language, but I have an observation strictly as a mom. Grace seems to be learning to say words in chunks: she picks up a few words that have some similarities.
  • First there were words that start with "b": bye, ball, bubble, bog (book in Danish), bil (car in Danish...she has not mastered this one but is working on it)
  • Then came words that end in the sound of "s": cheese, Jesus, shoes, keys, luz (light in Danish)
  • Lately there are words with the short sound "a" in them: quack (says the duck), tractor/traktor, cracker
  • She also has some words that don't correlate: mama (her first), hi, doggy, no, mmmmm (not really a word, I know, but she says that when she wants to eat!)...
  • ...and 4 signs that are accompanied by half-word sounds: water, milk, tak for mad (thank you for the food in Danish for when she is finished eating), and again/igen.
This is a really exciting time in her development because we just love hearing what comes out of her mouth and what language it is in! A funny story about the word "no": our housekeeper Jonipher keeps telling Grace to "stand up" by herself. If we're in the kitchen and Grace is in the middle of the floor she'll say, "Gracie, stand up! Stand up!...Stand up!" and Grace will look at her say, "no!" and then crawl away. It totally cracks us up. She is still able to take just a few steps from one person to the next but is not standing up on her own or balancing well enough to really, really walk. In good time I'm sure!


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