Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010 - Going Gluten Free

Instead of waiting 2 more weeks to find out if Grace is gluten-intolerant (and, therefore, 2 more weeks of her not gaining weight if that is true), we decided to start her on a gluten-free diet as of Wednesday.

So far it hasn't been as hard for her to be gluten-free in Nairobi as I feared. Some of the baby food she has eaten has pasta in it so we scratched that. She eats dairy already (yogurt and cheese) so no change there. I think the hardest part is that she normally eats a lot of whole-wheat bread with hummus and whole-wheat pasta. I did find some gluten-free bread but it tasted pretty terrible and she spit it out on the 2nd bite. She is getting rice and quinoa cakes and loves brown rice crackers (that she has already been eating for a few weeks). It was easy to find gluten-free pastas and so far she likes them. As usual, she continues to eat brown rice if it is wrapped in cheese (we call that "baby sushi" in our house)! Her baby cereal was already gluten-free and of course we're trying to beef up the fruit and veggies. Luckily she likes tofu which is safe, and she can still have her hummus. We are a work in progress, but we are determined to help this little girl bulk up!

We have been told by a few different sources that the blood test for celiac often results in a false-negative, which means it might tell us that she is not gluten-intolerant when in fact she really is. Our game plan is to take her to the doctor after being gluten-free for one month - regardless of the test's results - to see if she has gained weight. If it worked, we'll keep it up! If not, then with the doctor's help we'll move on to the next potential cause (of which I have no idea at the moment). Grace is still nursing (no cow's milk yet, at the doctor's suggestion) but we are trying to add formula to her food to give some supplemental nutrition and see if that helps with the weight gain. She really only had 2 bottles in her life (given by my mom in October when I was with my friends for a day!) and is understandably refusing them now. She won't drink the formula beyond a few sips from her cup, so mixing it with cereal and yogurt seems to be our best shot now.

If anyone has gluten-free baby-friendly recipes or suggestions...please share them here!

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SarahKate said...

Hi Lisa,

I pop by your blog sometimes and I saw the post about helping Grace eat gluten free foods. One of my favourite food blogs ever is Tons of lovely recipes (not totally baby specific) that are gluten free and look super yummy. Not sure if this will help, but good luck!!