Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010 - Shoes

Grace has enjoyed saying the word "shoes" for awhile now, but in the last week or so she has actually become very interested in shoes beyond just saying the word. She likes to crawl into my closet and take out all my shoes (as seen below) and has even started matching them up and bringing them to my feet in pairs. My flip-flops present the biggest challenge because I have so many pairs...but now she can match them correctly!

In the past week any time she saw a person with shoes on, she was fascinated; she would sit right in front of their feet, point to them and repeat, "shoes. shoes. shoes". Sometimes Grace wears a soft type of baby shoe but usually she is in socks or barefoot. This morning I decided to bring out all the shoes we have for her and her pink crocs from her Danish cousins are by far her favorite (also because every child in Nairobi wears crocs). She walked in them today for the first time because they are only slightly too big now and she LOVED wearing them. She couldn't stop looking down at her own feet, pointing to them and repeating, "shoes. shoes. shoes."

If this trend in any indication of our future, we may have a shoe fetish on our hands!

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Victoria said...

when she's ready , we're going shoe shopping!!