Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010 - Boston on the Brain

With Red Sox hat and Harvard onesie in tow, Grace will be heading back to Boston for her third visit in May. I'm going with her for two weeks while Kristoffer is studying French IN France (it's a tough life...) and then he will join us for a third week. Since we are leaving after the first week of May and it is almost April, I figure it is not too early to start making our shopping list and planning dates to see our friends and family. It will have been 7 months since I was last home which about as long as I can go without going a little mad. We are going to take Grace to New York City for the first time and are most excited because we will see ALL six of Grace's American aunts and uncles (my siblings and their spouses) and her six American cousins as well. We are very eager to meet Baby Nora who will be six months old on the day we arrive. It will surely be a very memorable Memorial Day for us!


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Anonymous said...

Love it! And the seriousness she is exhibiting; she must get that from her favorite aunt:)