Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010 - Snack Time

One of my very favorite parts of our life here is living across the street from an American family who have become our very good friends. Mae and Ben are in 3rd and 5th grades, their parents both work here in Nairobi, and their golden retriever was born when I got pregnant so he and Grace literally go "way back". This family is a very big part of our daily life. The kids are the same ages as some of our nieces and nephews in the US and Denmark so for us it is GREAT to have regular access to them, and they really love to play with Grace. The parents are interesting, wonderful friends and we love the concept of being neighbors who help each other in practice (jumping the car battery, borrowing eggs, picking up pizza on Sunday night, trading DVDs, etc.).

After Grace has breakfast every morning during the week we walk across the street to say good morning to Tsavo (the dog) and to send the people off to school and work at 8:15. It is a ritual that Grace loves. She will crawl to the door and point if I am taking too long to get to it. When the kids get home from school and she hears them start to play basketball, we're over there again. Yesterday Grace was invited to have after school snack with Mae and Ben. We all know how much she loves to eat carrots hummus, but to eat carrots and hummus with her best friends while sitting outside on a gorgeous day? Life doesn't get much better.


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Christina said...

How sweet! It is good to have great neighbors who become even better friends.