Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010 - More Birthday Pictures

Hans took some great pictures on Grace's birthday that I also wanted to share.

Grace instantly fell in love with the Lego polar bear she got and gave him a kiss (and then a bite!) right away.

While opening birthday gifts, a knock on our door at 7:45 am revealed a birthday serenade for Grace from our neighbors. There was even a drum and a recorder involved!

Grace checked out one of her (many) new books while wearing the strawberry hat Farmor knit for her.

Setting up for her birthday party (minus the ball pool and bubble machine at this stage).

Kenyan bees busy at work. They missed the memo that it was a holiday around our us!

The Welsien Family, 1 year later.

We have mostly recovered but are still living in the joy of the day!

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