Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010 - Suspicion

Yesterday Grace and I went swimming at the private school with our neighbors and afterwards we met Kristoffer at the UN for lunch. While we were driving from the school to the UN, a very strange thing happened.

We were stopped at an intersection behind about 5 cars and there were 2 cars behind us. A woman was walking on the side of the road and approached our car. The passenger window was partially down and she started to speak to Charles in Swahili. She greeted him and he said, "sema", which means "tell me" or "speak". Then she said something, he replied, she gave him a dirty look and said something else and then continued to walk. Then this:

Lisa: Ehat was that all about?
Charles: She asked me for a lift, but I don't even know her.
Lisa: That's strange.
Charles: Yes, that is very strange.

Note that the woman didn't ask any other car for a ride and when I looked back after we drove away she was getting into a matatu.

At lunch I told Kristoffer what happened and we agreed that now we have an actual reason for thinking that Charles is giving people rides in our car. I mean, why else would a Kenyan approach a random UN car and ask for a ride?

When we sat down to dinner last night, Kristoffer opened our conversation with: "Well, Charles is definitely up to something." Apparently when he picked Kristoffer up from work Charles told Kristoffer about the incident. Kristoffer pretended I hadn't told him and Charles said something like, "I didn't even know her so I don't know why she was asking me." Kristoffer said he sounded like someone who got caught and was trying to get out of it.

When we were in Denmark we ordered a GPS tracking device for our car that will allow us to use Google maps to see where the vehicle is at all times. Kirsten and Hans will bring it in February and we will be eager to determine if our suspicions are true. Of course, I reminded Kristoffer that Charles might only be driving people along his exact route from our house to the UN...but soon we will be able to see for ourselves. And then again, if we confirm our suspicions, what should we do about it anyway?

Oh, Kenya. You never cease to amaze me.


LeesOnTheGo said...

Oh, that is a tricky situation! Let us know how you work it out! I do know (as I'm sure you do as well) that the laws regarding employees here in Kenya are not in favor of the employer should you need to let him go. It's probably smart to begin documenting EVERYTHING (including mileage).

I've followed your blog since before we moved to Kenya...and now we're here. Am wondering if I've ever met you and am keeping my ears open for others to mention your name. It's a small world. Am sure our paths will cross eventually.

Katherine Andersen said...

Oh my - the fun continues. Ugh. So sorry to hear you guys are having trouble finding people you can trust! Please give Grace a big "hi" from all of us here in Boston. :)