Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7, 2010 - Stampede

A horrible tragedy happened on Monday, when an elephant stampeded an American family and killed the wife/mother and 1-year-old baby. The woman and her husband work at the International School of Kenya, which is the school where I was offered a job when we moved here. The surviving husband/father is actually the teacher of the boy across the street who I tutor. The family was on a walking safari with a guide outside of their lodge near Mt. Kenya and apparently it was raining so the elephant didn't hear them approaching. I heard that they turned a corner and scared the elephant, who charged. We have done similar walking safaris on the Masai Mara and near Lake Naivasha, actually. The news has devastated the international community in Nairobi and even made world headlines. It is a sad way to start the new year and a reminder that when you are on safari you are not actually watching National Geographic even though it might seem that way. There are dangers and accidents do happen. As Kristoffer said at lunch today: guess we won't be doing that again!


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